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About Us

The goal of the Central European Political Transitions Institute is to unfold the history of the Central European regime changes in the 1990’s. We also offer a comparative analysis of the current political and social developments in the region.

Over the past 30 years perceptions of the political and economic transitions of the 90’s have changed significantly, and mostly to the worse. Due to the conflicts and difficulties associated with the democratic transformation this important period in the region’s common history is sometimes seen as a failure. In parallel with the devaluation of the transition, there is a current wave to feel nostalgic for socialism, and to present the socialist era in a more positive light. Many fail to acknowledge that the transition was a paramount event in the 20th century history of Central Europe.

The contradicting sentiments about the transition period have created a need for an institute to study and untangle the near past without bias and distortion. The Institute processes personal memories and official documents alike from the era to remember the deeds and personal sacrifices made by the leaders of the transition, to suppress the newly found trends of appreciation of the socialist era, and to separate memories of the uplifting period of the transition from the mistakes made afterwards.


The mission of the Institute is to raise public awareness about the significance and impacts of the Central European political and economic transitions. We study the various political and social events of the transition period in its own context, and publish the findings of our researches as widely as possible.


The philosophy of our institute is to shape the public understanding of the  transition period by interpreting the near past and the present. The institute follows the traditional European liberal values but also observes the Central European historic traditions.



The Institute is currently involved in several ongoing projects and researches. The findings will be available soon.

The experts and researchers of the institute hold decades of professional experience in the Hungarian political arena as policy consultants, political analysts or active party politicians. As a result, the institute’s research and policy papers are authentic, professionally well based and easily understandable.

Our team

Dr. Gábor Fodor

Dr Gábor Fodor, Founder, Director 

„I established the institute in 2019 because I thought it was important to deal with the transition period, and its social, economic and political impacts. Our goal is not only to study past events, but to set up a competitive policy research and consulting institute.”

fodor gábor.jpeg

András Boruzs

Strategic director

István Szekeres

Strategy Advisor


Kornél Máté Dénes

Assistant Project Manager, Assistant Communication Coordinator

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